The Most Outstanding Cats of 2015


Most cats would like to be left alone, but there are some cats who stand out by getting themselves busy with community involvements, rescues, and charity works. They help other cats and even humans to make the world a better place.

Here are cats who have grabbed the headlines this 2015 and purred their way to fame by keeping it real and making the best of their feline lives.

The Cat With the Deadly Stare

Atchoum, the Majestic Beast.

The Insane Cat

Luna, the Insane Cat.

The Polish Nurse Cat

Rademenes, Comforter of other animals at the Bydgoszcz Animal Shelter in Poland. She occasionally cleaned their ears.

The Baby Saving Cat

Masha, this abandoned baby’s Savior.

The Feline Pizza Hut Owners

A trio of Pizza Hut franchisees

The Einstein Cat

Melissa, the cat possessing a long tongue. She also looks like that famous image of Albert Einstein.

The Tiny Spotted Kitten

Tiny Spotted Kitten, the cat who most likely introduced new genetics into the endangered leopards in North America.

The Selfie Cat

This cat has gained fame for her coffee table book-worthy selfies.

The Amur Tiger Triplets

One of the three Amur tigers left on the planet.


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