The Only Gorilla To Have Captivated The Hearts Of Japanese Women

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Have you ever felt that you’ve gone bananas over a person? Well, have you ever felt that way towards a gorilla? Yes, you read that right, and no, this is not a joke.

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Meet Shabani, an 18-year-old male gorilla who is astonishingly handsome. When a photo of Shabani began going viral on Twitter, female humans have been going berserk for him. After all, who could resist that masculine physique and that furry but toned buttocks, right?

Zoo officials report that young Japanese women have been gathering at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya, where the amazing ape resides. If you want to see him yourself, you might want to get in line. About a hundred admirers continually watch Shabani. A lot of them would be screaming “This way, Shabani!” or shouting “Look at me, Shabani!” every time he comes out.

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If you find waiting in line a hassle, you can simply visit Twitter, where people are posting pictures of the fuzzy sweetheart. You’ll surely see sizzling snapshots of Shabani displaying his rock-solid muscles, close-up portraits, and captivating full-body poses.


However, if you are eyeing Shabani for your husband, you’ll be disappointed. The male primate already has two wives, namely Nene and Ai, and yes, they’re gorillas. He’s also a brilliant and loving father to his two offspring, Annie and Kiyomasi.

Zoo spokesperson, Takayushi Ishikawa, reported that they were very surprised by the phenomenon. He added that Shabani’s fame was something they couldn’t have predicted and that it is a result of the Internet society.

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But Shabani remains unfazed and maintains his composure. Ishikawa says, “He seems to have noticed his new popularity, but he’s kept it very cool,” which is probably for the best.

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