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Toad, the Dog with Two Mouths, Finds Forever Home in Oklahoma

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Animals don’t need to be perfect to make perfect pets, that’s what two-mouthed dog Toad came to prove to everyone.

Two-Mouthed Dog Toad Finds New Family and Forever Home

Toad loves to play with other dogs and likes asking people for belly rubs. At first glance, you’d think she’s a perfectly normal dog, but something makes this pit bull totally special—she has a second mouth that salivates, plus some teeth and jowls, on where her right ear should be.

Vets from the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare knew she was different the moment they saw her at the shelter. That’s why when no one came to pick her up, Toad was immediately transferred to Mutt Misfits, a special rescue shelter for animals that have major medical issues and deformities.

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The shelter had to spay her, but to do that, she had to undergo a thorough physical exam. Only then that they discovered the whole truth about her strange form.

“Upon her initial intake exam at the shelter, our veterinarian originally thought she had extra ears,” Heather Hernandez, founder of Mutt Misfits, said. “But once we sedated her for her spay surgery, that’s when we discovered that she actually only has one ear and two mouths!”

The two-mouthed dog suffered discomforts caused by the ear teeth, some of which were broken and had to be removed to relieve her of pain. Caretakers at the shelter also decided to retain her two main teeth since they seemed attached to the skull. They can’t be sure, however, that this wouldn’t trigger graver complications, but Heather assured they’ll “take it one day at a time.”

On top of that, Toad can also barely hear, smell, or see because of her rare condition. Nonetheless, Heather sees through her deformed physical attributes. According to Heather, Toad is a genuinely sweet, caring, and loving pooch that tries to live normally like the other dogs, which is one of the reasons she decided to take her in, along with several other dogs with special needs.

To Heather, Toad brought infinite joy and happiness, which she believes everyone will feel if they learn to “see past a dog’s imperfection and just look at its heart and personality.”

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