When You Find Out What Makes this Pony So Unique, You Will be Shocked



As of the moment, Einstein holds the record for the world’s smallest horse, with a height of only 20 inches. However, it seems like this little guy has a close competition. Not too long ago, an American miniature stallion named Microdave was born in Britain. His current height is only two inches under than Einstein’s.

Upon birth, Microdave’s height didn’t reach that of a liter of soda. He was basically 9 inches shorter than the typical American stallions.

Although he seems like a sleepy little creature, don’t let him fool you.



Microdave is one tiny pony that is filled with lots of energy.

Jen Baldwin-Murphy, the owner of Microdave, jokes that she often checks the pockets of people just to be sure they haven’t stolen him.

This adorable pony deserves every bit of fame he’s acquired because he is lively, playful, and simply cute. He’s definitely a total package.



You may think he’s just some sort of a joke, but wait until you see him in action. Watch the video below:

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