‘Wings of Rescue’ Fly Homeless Dogs to Their New Homes


Every year, dog shelters in the United States are faced with one big dilemma: too many dogs, not enough homes. They get so overcrowded that they wind up euthanizing dogs.


In an effort to combat this heartbreaking solution, a pilot named Yehuda Netanel has created Wings of Rescue. He started the organization in 2009 and had managed to rescue 300 dogs on his own using his private plane.


The sole mission of the Wings of Rescue is to provide air transport for the rescuers and the thousands of animals they save each year from the high kill shelters in California. Ground transport is not considered an excellent option since road trips would confine the animals in crates for longer than 24 hours without any food, water or walks. With air transport, flights are completed in 3-4 hours.






Now, Wings of Rescue has additional 28 volunteer pilots who help transport dogs across the country via private or charter planes to other shelters that could help them find homes. The organization has given new homes and owners to over 12,000 dogs and is going to rescue 7,000 more by the end of 2015.



Wings of Rescue operated solely on charitable donations and the selfless service of volunteer pilots, with each trip costing them $80 per dog. But they are positive that with more donations coming their way, the sky will definitely be the limit in their aim of saving more animals.


Together with their partners and donations from all over the globe, Wings of Rescue is making it possible to give these homeless dogs a second chance of life.


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