Drunk Opossum

Must Have Been Quite the Night: Drunk Opossum Found Heavily Intoxicated at Florida Liquor Store

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Opossums may be accustomed to eating trash, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy drinking like kings every once in a while.

A drunk opossum was discovered next to an empty bottle of cognac inside a liquor store in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. It had apparently broken in the night before and rummaged through the store’s supplies. The animal somehow managed to grab hold of the cognac, smashed the bottle, and drank its contents. Though it appeared to be pale and unresponsive at first, rescuers at the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge were able to stabilize the animal and set it free not long after.

Drunk Opossum Makes Full Recovery After Night of Heavy Drinking

Ever got so drunk that you spent the night at a liquor store? Hopefully not, aside from being dangerous, loitering also happens to be against the law. However, if getting drunk on stolen alcohol at a liquor store is on your bucket list, then this opossum just beat you to it.

The delinquent marsupial went viral on social media after it broke into Cash’s Liquors in Florida. It then drank a 750 ml bottle of Courvoisier cognac.

“A worker there found the opossum up on a shelf next to a cracked open bottle of liquor with nothing in it,” said Michelle Pettis, a technician at the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge. “She definitely wasn’t fully acting normal.”

Pettis told the Northwest Florida Daily News that the drunk opossum happened to be female. The employees detailed that the animal appeared to be disoriented, excessively salivating, and dangerously pale.

“We loaded her up with fluids to help flush out any alcohol toxins,” she added. “She was good a couple of days later.”

When the opossum finally sobered up, the center released her back into the wild. According to Pettis, the animal did not manifest any symptoms of a hangover.

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Drunk Opossum Found Heavily Intoxicated

Cash More, the liquor store owner, said that the bottle set the store back a good $30. But it was a small price to pay for all the attention their outlet has gotten.

“She came in from the outside and was up in the rafters, and when she came through she knocked a bottle of liquor off the shelf,” Moore said. “When she got down on the floor, she drank the whole damn bottle.”

“But it just goes to show that even the animals are impressed with Cash’s,” he added jokingly.

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