The Empire State Building Just Displayed a Heartwarming Tribute to Endangered Species


This month, the Empire State Building lit up once again to pay homage to the endangered species that were projected onto its slides. This entire new light show was brought by Discovery Channel to campaign  its new documentary Racing Extinction, to be aired on December.

The promotion entitled “Projecting Change” was built to gather public attention with regard to mass extinction.

One of the animals that was shown on the side of the Empire State Building was Cecil the Lion, who’s been recently murdered in the hands of a poacher who took her head as a trophy. This tragedy shook the world and left the dentist who hunted Cecil down knee-deep in criticisms. He was joined by other large cats, birds, creatures of the sea, and other endangered animals who are in the brink of extinction. This reminds us that their fate is in our hands to stop their impending doom.

If you have seen this work of art in person, then you are lucky. However, for those who didn’t witness this marvelous moment, here are some pictures taken by some spectators of the dazzling display.







Here are some endangered animals:

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