This Research Base Was Turned into a Giant Panda Daycare Center



Pandas are among the cutest creatures on Earth. Just like cats and dogs, these black-and-white creatures are also one of the most popular animals on social media.

Nowadays, pandas are listed as endangered species, with approximately 1,826 of them left in the wild. For this reason, China’s Chengdu Research Base came up with an idea of building their own giant panda daycare. They aim to breed, nurture, and then release the pandas in the wild as soon as they get mature. They also hope that through their efforts, they can slowly re-populate the diminishing number of this species.

Breeding pandas can really be a challenge as they only give birth to one cub in two years. What’s even worse is that forest destruction, particularly in Yangtze Basin region, has caused thousands of pandas to die as their homes are disrupted and their food sources are eliminated. Also, these animals are being hunted for pelt.

With the efforts of Chengdu and some other organizations, the population of the pandas has increased by 17%.

To know more about the story of Chengdu, check out these awesome photos:





See how adorable the pandas are in Chengdu Research Base in these clips:



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