Find Out Why There is a Rabbit Funeral in Front of a Fur Shop

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Animals who have loving families are extremely lucky as they get the chance to lead peaceful lives. But what about those animals who are killed for their pelt? Don’t you think they also deserve a humane life?


Normally, leather manufacturers, fur farmers, and angora artisans make sure the shoppers don’t witness how they slaughter their animal victims. So a group of PETA supporters thought of exposing the reality behind their businesses. They want to prove that the poor creatures are suffering a lot because of their cruelty.




At a shopping destination in London, the group created a shrine for “Ruby”, who represents all those animals that are being killed for their hair and skin every year after spending their entire lives at a filthy fur farm. It was ornamented with candles, flowers, and a condolence book where passers-by can write their thoughts about the innocent victims of the fashion industry.





So why did they choose that place? Well, they purposely picked the location of the memorial because it is situated directly opposite a store of French fashion brand The Kooples, which reportedly sells items made from the fur of animals like Ruby.

This season, The Kooples’ collection includes hats made out of rabbits’ pelt, cardigans that contain angora wool, and coats trimmed with raccoon fur. Thus skinning a live animal’s fur for the sake of generating more profit, even if they’re causing so much pain.






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