Fisherman Might Have Just Stepped On the Oldest Living Creature on Earth


Have you ever stepped on something slimy and soft? Well, this fisherman did just that… soft, slimy and alive!

While walking through a narrow roadside reservoir in the Chongqing district, a Chinese fisherman named Wang Yong felt as if he was stepping on something so soft. When he took a closer look, he was surprised at what he saw—a 1.4-meter giant salamander that weighs 50 kilograms.

Considering the fact that the creature is a nationally protected animal in the country, he immediately contacted the authorities. As soon as they arrived, they quickly transferred the two centuries old reptile-like amphibian to a much safer spot.

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After its discovery, lots of people have been asking if it is the oldest creature on the planet because the 200-year-old creature was apparently born at the time when George IV of the United Kingdom was still on the throne. Unfortunately, the question remain unanswered because researchers have yet to conduct further studies.

In China, this animal is called wa wa yu or infant fish because of the sound it produces, which is similar to that of a newborn child.

Here’s another interesting fact about the Chinese giant salamander: it is the biggest amphibian on earth, with a body length that can grow up to 5 feet and 9 inches.

Though this alien-like animal plays a vital role in traditional oriental medicine, this is now classified as a critically endangered species.

Learn more about the Chinese giant salamander through the video below.

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