Funny Compilation of Animals Posing Like Models

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We love to project human actions or thoughts onto animals, and it can be done with almost any animal. We found  pictures of animals who are posing like models. Maybe these animals are looking to be in the cover of National Geographic or other wildlife magazines, we’ll never know. But one thing for sure, it’s funny as hell!

We wrote captions for these images which have nothing to do with what these animals are thinking but it’s just fun to pretend.

Enjoy the gallery of the models of animal kingdom!

The Mother of the Year

Welcome to My Crib!

animals-posing-like-humans (24)

The Life of A Royalty

animals-posing-like-humans (11)

Hello, there beautiful!

animals-posing-like-humans (17)


animals-posing-like-humans (19)



Draw Us Like Your French Lizards!

So, sleepy!

animals-posing-like-humans (16)

Ms. Bum Bum

animals-posing-like-humans (7)

It’s Sure Hard to be a Model

animals-posing-like-humans (10)

What’s Up?



So Cute!

Eat Your Heart Out, Lady Gaga!

animals-posing-like-humans (12)

Just Enjoying Nature

animals-posing-like-humans (21)


animals-posing-like-humans (22)

Hey, Boy!

animals-posing-like-humans (8)



Worship, me!

Just Sunbathing

animals-posing-like-humans (23)

Come Here, You…

This is My Seductive Look




Why Do I Look So Good?






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