25 Giant Dog Breeds and Interesting Facts About Them

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They say twice the size, twice the love! There are numerous dogs in the world that have been continuously bred for their size. Big dogs have been used as protectors, hunters, and herders—that is why there was always a high demand during the past. But right now, many large dogs make lovable pets that families everywhere welcome to their owns.

Giant dogs often weigh over a 100 pounds, and the heaviest ever recorded was Benedictine. The St. Bernard weighed a staggering 366 pounds, which is the weight of about three-and-a-half average-sized dalmatians! Don’t let the size fool you, though, as big dogs usually have mild temperaments and don’t be shocked when a Great Dane crawls up to your lap.

Here is a list of the largest dog breeds in no particular order:

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25. Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian shepherd dog

Caucasian shepherd dogs are a popular breed for those living in Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Northern Caucasian area because of their instinct to guard. They come from the family of even-tempered molossers. These dogs are generally healthy and can live up to a long time, but they do suffer the same issues that big dogs do such as hip dysplasia, heart problems and obesity. The average size of the Caucasian Shepherd dogs ranges from a maximum of 28 inches for females to 75 and up for males.

24. English Mastiff

English mastiff

This type of breed is known for its incredibly large body mass. They are also known for their physical traits such as a massive head, distinguishable black mask, and limited colors. An English mastiff named Zorba was the world’s heaviest dog, it stood at 37 inches at the shoulder and measured 8 ft and 3 in  from the tip of his nose to his tail. As for Zorba’s weight, he weighed a shocking 343 pounds.

Even if the Guinness Book of World Records stopped accepting heaviest dog records anymore, Zorba was one of the dogs who held the records for the longest time. At average, an English mastiff weighs 250 pounds, and experts do not encourage owners to let their weight go beyond that.

23. Newfoundland


The Newfoundland is an excellent breed used for lifesaving because of their amazing swimming skills. Aside from that, Newfoundlands are known for having calm dispositions and loyalty toward their owners. The biggest recorded Newfoundland weighed over 260 pounds, but they usually have a weight of 200 pounds on average.

22. Komondor


Komondors are famous for their mop-like appearance, thus earning them the nickname of “mop dog.” But don’t let their fluffy exterior fool you, they are really strong and have been preserved by the country of Hungary. Komondors have been used by farmers to guard their livestock because of their natural guarding extinct.

The breed has a height of 28 inches for females with a weight of 110 pounds; males, on the other hand, stand at 31.5 in and weigh up to 130 pounds. The breed has also found itself on the cover of American musician Beck‘s 1996 album Odelay.

21. Scottish Deerhound


The Scottish deerhound got its name because it was used to hunt red deer through coursing. Over time, they have proven to be an excellent companion for owners who love the outdoors. They are known to be extremely friendly and always eager to please. But deerhounds are far from being lap dogs as they can be over 32 inches tall and weigh up to 110 pounds.

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