Handler Bravely Wrestles 10 ft Alligator with His Bare Hands


We all know that a GoPro is made to capture extreme moments. Daredevil Jason McDonald put the device to good use when he captured a 500 lbs animal at the Colorado Gator Farm in Colorado, USA, and it’s one of the most dangerous animals in the planet—an alligator.

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Jason McDonald jumped on top of the ferocious beast named Bertha. Using his own weight to pin her down, the 34-year-old man even managed to open the giant reptile‘s mouth to amaze the audience.


The story on how Jason got involved with Colorado Gators began 10 years ago. During that time, he was still in his early twenties and signed up for a wrestling class. His wrestling skills surely came in handy when dealing with Bertha.


Jason said that he had always wanted to have an alligator as a pet. When he heard the farm offered classes, he signed up as well. He is now enjoying treating them and helping them recover.


The farm doesn’t breed gators, but they currently have a population of around 400, and they have saved over 200 alligators.


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