Handler Bravely Wrestles 10 ft Alligator with His Bare Hands


The Colorado Gators was originally a fish farm. The farm decided to purchase 100 baby gators in 1987 to deal with carcasses and guts.

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You might think that Jason’s job at the farm is his full time occupation, but he actually has a day job as a crematory manager.


Jason says that he prefers to catch the big ones instead of the more agile and smaller ones. Amazingly enough, he has never had any serious injury from handling alligators.


According to Jason, the reason he prefers to catch the bigger ones is because they are much slower due to their weight and they’re also less flexible.


Having gators as pet is amazing and if you ever fancy a job like Jason’s, then you should try working as a volunteer at an alligator park or your nearest zoo. However, you might want to undergo some training as well. Better be safe and trained than sorry.

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