How Close Is Your Dog to Wolf than Canine? Find Out About Them Here!



Each scientist works on vital research assignments that are very difficult for a typical person to comprehend and analyze. However, the work of Dr. Elaine Ostrander and Dr. Kruglyak seems to be something that we can all relate to wolf-like dogs.

Published in Science Magazine in 2004 and reported by The New York Times, their study uses DNA evidence so as to track the origins of dogs. According to them, most dog species were bred hundreds of years ago and that they can be sorted into three different groups based on close genetic relation: guarding, hunting, and herding. Because they share the same DNA, every group is expected to share similarities in terms of appearance and place of origin.

But, these doctors also added there is a fourth group of dogs. These canines don’t necessarily share the same country of origin and physical appearance. What makes them a group is their genetic resemblance to wolves.

This so-called “ancient group” are considered descendants of the very first dogs. They are those that branched out from the wolves’ ancestors between 15,000 to 30,000 years ago and were spread all over the world because of their nomadic owners.

If you wish to know if your dog belongs to the ancient canine breeds, here are the 14 breeds that Dr. Ostrander and Dr. Kruglyak classified as ancient:

Chow Chow

Country of origin: China

Alaskan Malamute

Country of origin: United States


Country of origin: Japan

Shiba Inu

Country of origin: Japan

Afghan Hound

Country of origin: Afghanistan




Country of origin: Middle East

Tibetan Terrier

Country of origin: China

Lhasa Apso

Country of origin: China


Country of origin: Russia


Country of origin: China



Shih Tzu

Country of origin: China


Country of origin: Central African Republic

Chinese Shar-Pei

Country of origin: China

Siberian Husky

Country of origin: Russia


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