Lily, The Cutest Fridge Raiding Raccoon in the World

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If there is one amazing fact about the raccoon is that they are quite the scavengers.

These master “burglars” of the animal kingdoms have earned quite a reputation for breaking into human homes and unleashing their curiosity in the form of stealing and raiding things off anything that interests them. This is what happened to Carol Stewart who was not at all surprised to have caught the the culprit red handed.

In the video below, the criminal was none other than her rescued baby raccoon, Lily. While walking into the kitchen, Stewart caught Lily crouched over the open grape drawer while munching on her favorite sweet treat. Despite Stewart’s attempt to pull Lily away, it seems she was enjoying her treat quite well.

So, to reach a compromise, she gave her little pet a full stem for her to chow down.

Victory never looked this adorable!

Catch this adorable grape crook caught red handed in the video below:



Watch more of these charming creatures munching some chow right in the comfort of their own homes!



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