Man Flies His Drone over Atlantic Just to Get a Glimpse of This!

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One incredible sight was captured by a drone over the South Atlantic—an albino southern right whale calf playing around with its mother.

Anton Schutte, 42, received a tip-off from local tourists about a rare occurrence over the deep waters. So he immediately took his drone and flew it directly above the part of the sea where the animal is believed to be in. Just about 700 meters from the coast of Hermanus, South Africa, he saw the two endangered animals.



“Naturally, I was ecstatic to see them still there, only about 700m from the shore! Any time that someone gets to be in the presence of these magnificent creatures, it is a truly life-changing experience,” said Schutte. “It sticks with you forever, and seeing them from the drone perspective is a whole new amazing experience.”

Albinism is a rare phenomenon among animals. This genetic condition results in a significant drop in the production of melanin, the pigment that gives the eyes, hair, and skin their color.

Aside from the fact that animals affected with this condition do not survive in the wild because of the lack of pigmentation makes them vulnerable to potential predators. This also makes them at risk for various health issues such as poor eyesight. But looking at this little creature, it appears that it is in a pretty good condition.

This isn’t actually the first albino whale ever documented. Another albino humpback whale named Migaloo has been getting the attention of the world as it occasionally visits the coast of the land Down Under.



Watch the full video right below.



Here’s another sea animal footage captured by a drone:


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