Man’s Selfish Desires Captured in this Cecil the Lion Photo Series

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Cecil, a beautiful 13-year-old male lion, was shot and killed in Zimbabwe this past July. The magnificent creature was allegedly lured out of the safety fences of the Hwange National Park by guides. His GPS collar was destroyed, and he was beheaded and skinned.

Before Cecil was finished by his pursuers with a rifle, he remained alive for about 40 hours. But this article isn’t about what happened in Cecil’s last few hours, it’s all about giving the lion a photographic tribute.

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Yes, the lion is the king of the jungle, but no creature on the planet can match the destructive power of man. We are responsible for a lot of species being endangered, about to be extinct, or simply being slaughtered. May this photo series remind us of how far we have gone and how much shall we have to lose in the future just to fulfill our selfish desires.



Check out the videos below.

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