Panda Day Care- Spend a Day with These Adorable Animals

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If you think daycare centers were made exclusively for us humans, then think again.

One day care center that is making waves in the Internet is not at all dedicated to our kids but rather to our adorable and furry little panda friends. Built in 1987, the Giant Panda Breeding Center situated in Chengdu, China was specifically created to increase the population of the panda bears in the country.

The center is perfectly situated in the place of Chengdu where the pandas have made their home for more than 4,000 years. The facility uses a combination of natural and artificial insemination methods to breed pandas.



Literally known as “the black and white cat foot,” in the English translations of their names, these adorable bear species is widely recognized by the black patches that surround their ears, eyes and across its body. They live on a healthy diet of bamboos in the wild but sometimes would devour on other plants and even honey.

Listed as one of the animals belonging to the conservation reliant endangered species, this breeding center for the furry symbols of China is also home to the incredible “Panda Day Care Center.”



This particular day care is quite complete with all the necessary facilities and even play things to ensure that the pandas are secured in their new home. Aside from being a scientific stop for all things related to the black and white bear of China, it is also popular tourist and educational stop in the country.

A day in the life being a panda caretaker.

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