Photos of Folks and Their Animal Buddies Are Simply too Cute



These human-animal tandems are awe-inspiring. You’ll consider getting one of your own after seeing these photos that show how close the bond between a person and his pet can get.

A baby raccoon cuddles with his beloved human


A dog listens patiently to what this tiny human is reading


This miniature pony tries to put a smile on a child with a health condition

This micro miniature horse who just wants to put a smile on the face of everyone he meets.


He’ll also smooch with you if you like

And he's excellent at giving kisses, too!


A baby elephant and its newly found friend



This loyal horse accompanies his owner while she rests after being sick


This little girl and her noble buddy.


When you are off duty, but you still got to make your humans smile



Visiting the beach for the first time: Piglet edition


This adorable sleeping baby skunk



You must not disturb this squirrel’s slumber


A golden retriever tries his very best to calm his nervous patient.


Dude happily carries his husky due to a leg injury

This awesome dude who would do absolutely anything for his best pal.


A baby goat and her human friend getting all warm and cozy in each other’s care

This baby goat snuggling up to her human.


It seems dogs also understand how hard good-byes can be



Feeding this cute kitten may be the best thing in the world.


A silent guardian, a watchful protector, and a loyal pup


Baby beaver setting the standard for ultimate cuteness


These pups have found a playmate


He’s not going to steal the bride, but he’s currently thinking about it



Let’s go for a walk, just you and me.


“I appreciate the effort you put into catching my lunch human. Now give it to me”


The Inseparable Duo


A good nap is good for you, according to this cute ball of fur

This little guy who knows the importance of a good nap.


This worried kitten



If you think cats and dogs don’t go along, check this out.


A lovely treat for a thirsty beaver


A tired dog carried by his human after a long walk around town.


Despite concrete evidence, this pup pleads his innocence


“All I want is a warm hug”



It’s football night and this hedgehog’s pals are in for a treat


This pet sloth is drinking his milk. You should too


A warm snuggle completes their evenings


An unconventional partnership has been made and sealed with a lick

And finally, these two who prove that dogs and cats can be the cutest friends EVER.


An overprotective mother and her offspring



Innocent-looking cats and little girls do mix well.


This baby roo just wants to stay with his human.

And this cuddly joey who loves spending quality time with his human.


A curious pup and a hungry kitten


This is by far the happiest dog you’ll ever see in your entire life



Who doesn’t love wagon rides?



This dog maybe tired, but he is also delighted


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