This Whale Interrupted a Selfie So a Fishermen Could Retrieve a Plastic Bag Caught in its Mouth


A rare event took place in Middle Harbour, North of Sydney, when a barnacle whale surprisingly asked for help from a group of young fishermen. The young fishermen were shocked when the barnacle whale suddenly nudged their boat. At first, the men had no idea why the whale came close to them.

The men later realized that the whale had rubbish bags and fishing lines stuck in its mouth, so they helped the whale remove the rubbish bags and fishing lines. Michael Riggio took selfies with the whale, while his friend Ivan Iskenderian was helping it.

Michael Riggio,17, (left) took selfies with the whale (right) while his friend Ivan Iskenderian stretched over the boat to help the whale

Seventeen-year-old Michael Riggio and his friend Ivan Iskenderian still couldn’t believe what happened. They were both laughing, while Ivan attempted to help the whale. When the whale first appeared, Ron Kovac, who was fishing on the other boat noticed the whale bobbing its head out of the water and thought that it needed some help.

Ivan Iskenderian was stunned when he saw the whale. He managed to snap a selfie before helping it

Ivan Iskenderian was shocked upon seeing the whale and managed to snap a selfie before helping it.

A whale swam around boats of fisherman in Middle Harbour, North of Sydney, apparently asking for help 

The barnacle whale appeared in Middle Harbour, North of Sydney and asks for help from nearby fishermen.

Captured on Ron Kovacs camers, Michael Riggio was taking selfies while his friend Ivan Iskenderian (pictured right of the boat) was helping the whale that swam up close

Ron Kovacs took pictures of Michael Riggio while he was taking selfies with the whale in the background.

Ivan Iskenderian (pictured stretching over the boat) was pulling fishing lines and rubbish bags caught on the mouth of the whale

Ron Kovacs also took pictures of Ivan Iskenderian, who helped the whale remove the fishing lines and rubbish that caught on the whale’s mouth.

“He just popped his head up so you could reach out and remove the garbage. He tried on my boat, but a bit harder as we are a bit higher. ‘I made one grab for the bag, but missed. He was very inquisitive and more interested in us. ‘You could see that big eye coming out watching us. They are not dumb for sure,” Ron Kovacs said in a Facebook post.

The large mammal swam from one boat to another until a fisherman was able to pull the garbage caught on its mouth

The whale swam from one boat to another, hoping the fishermen could help him pull the garbage caught in its mouth. Ivan was able to pull the garbage off, while Kovac captured what happened with his camera.

“He has a big scar on his back. He had some fishing line and two plastic bags on his head. I managed to grab at it but missed. ‘He later came up to a trailer boat and presented his head as they roved the bag and to another the fishing line,” said Kovac. 

The whale appeared to flap its fin in appreciation after the fishermen successfully managed to help it

After the fishermen removed the garbage bags and fishing lines in the whale’s mouth, the whale swam away flapping its fins showing its gratitude and appreciation to the fishermen.

Watch the video below:


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