Pompous Albert

Pompous Albert Is the Angriest Cat on Instagram


The Selkirk rex breed of cats are known to have a lot of the laid-back and reserved qualities of the British shorthair, the cuddly nature of the Persian, and the playfulness of the exotic shorthair. It seems like Pompous Albert isn’t the best example of his kind, but the Internet loves him for it!

Pompous Albert with Neck Tie

Albert Einstein

This ten-year-old Selkirk rex is a rescue cat from Salt Lake City, named after Albert Einstein because of his curly white-grey hair. He became an Instagram sensation shortly after his owners, Mike and Susan Singleton, set up his own account in 2014. Just a year later, he already had over 40,000 fans, and today, his followers are at an impressive 225,000. His celebrity status landed him on feature articles on various Internet platforms, including BuzzFeed and People magazine, and commercials for Honda.

Commercials for Honda


Celebrity Status

Pompous Albert is the resident office cat at the Singletons’ Sagebrush Fine Art Publishing and Licensing work space in Utah. You can pet him, give him a treat, or simply ignore him, but Pompous Albert will always remain true to himself, not giving you a single sign of satisfaction.

Zoom In Image of Pompous Albert

Look Up of Pompous Albert

The angriest cat’s Instagram is incredibly funny, with a bio that reads “Rejected show cat, but I’ll show them” and photo captions sarcastic enough to fit his look in each post.

Pompous Albert in Instagram

Instagram Post of Pompous Albert

Albert was born with a look that is both intimidating and judgmental, but beneath it all, Pompous Albert is actually a nice guy.

Look of Intimidating

“We love how sweet he really is. . . . Don’t tell Albert we used the word sweet,” his human Susan Singleton told PEOPLE via email. According to her, although it doesn’t show, Albert likes children, other cats, being petted, sitting on desks, walking all over his owners’ computer keyboards, and standing in front of their monitors. He also adores spending time with his feline best friends Lucky and Buddy.

Pompous Albert and Friends

It still looks like Lucky and Buddy here are his minions though. For more of his snarky humor, join his fan base to help him dominate the world!