Very Rare Albino Giraffe Seen Wandering in the Wilds of Kenya

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A white giraffe was seen wandering in the wilds of Ishaqbini, Kenya. It’s a Rothschild giraffe, and these animals generally have no markings on its lower leg. But this particular giraffe is rare—for it has no marking on its body, totally.

The absence of pigmentation  in the animal’s body is caused by a rare condition called  leucism.

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The amazing photos of the animal grazing in the bushes together with the rest of its herd were taken by a photographer from Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) in Kenya, Jamie Manuel. According to him, the herd were totally unmindful of its unique member.

Rumors about the existence of the white giraffe first surfaced last February, but it wasn’t until Manuel’s team set foot on the area and took photos of them that it was proven true.

They found the white giraffe in the open area in the forest together with its herd on the second day of searching.

“The rangers were thrilled to get a closer look and were pleased to see that the animal looked healthy and was feeding well,” he added. “A giraffe with leucism was spotted in January in Tanzania and it seems that this is the condition that we see in this giraffe.”, he said.

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