Real-Life ‘Wolfman’ Living Life with a Pack of Wild Wolves

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When Shaun Ellis dramatically changed his life as a soldier to live with a pack of wolves without many urban amenities, there was little chance of him finding a partner who would choose to live the same way.

Luckily for Shaun, Isla was willing to take the risk.

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Shaun, 40, who is dubbed as the real-life “Wolfman” married his wife Isla, 30, in a Native American ceremony in Devon. The couple met back in September 2009 but never formally dated until April the following year. This was the first marriage for Isla and a second for Shaun who already has 4 children from a previous relationship.


“It was love at first sight when I met Shaun. I didn’t really know what love was until I was introduced to him. I always had an image in my head of my ideal man, and I guess Shaun is him,” Isla shared with the Daily Mail. “Shaun has taught me a lot about the wolves, especially to respect them. Thankfully, I’ve never been attacked or injured by them as it doesn’t make sense for them to harm a fellow pack member.”

Shaun has devoted his life into taking care of his wolves. He has developed a mutual respect between himself and these wild animals after spending two and a half years living like the four males wolves in the pack. His change in lifestyle has affected his personal hygiene, he has stuck to an all meat diet to match the odor of the wolves.


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