Real-Life ‘Wolfman’ Living Life with a Pack of Wild Wolves

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Despite all this, Isla is unfazed as she has been welcomed by the pack wholeheartedly.

Shaun did need to work hard to have her accepted at first. But as time passed, Isla even developed a pack of her own comprising of two males and a female wolf. Together with her husband, she works hard to conserve wolves in the research center in Coombe Martin, Devon.


“It’s a lifestyle that I absolutely love and enjoy. We want to educate people about how we can coexist with wildlife – and what better way to do that than learn directly from the pack?” Isla said of her chosen way of living. The couple now has a total of seven North American timber wolves to tend to.


It seems like Isla’s love for wolves goes way back. She admitted that she would constantly ask her parents for a small wolf for Christmas or her birthday. She has gotten more than that in her hands after marrying Shaun. “Now my wish has come true, but instead of just one, I’ve got a whole pack,” Isla said.

Shaun has not only helped share the world of wolves to Isla, but also to scientists who study the behavioral patterns of these animals. He has been well-known over to wildlife specialists for forming the incredible bond with these wolves, who are savage to humans whenever their territory is crossed.

“My integration began when the wolves were just a few days of age. They were abandoned by their parents, and I had to raise them on a bottle, but they are just over eight now,” Shaun shared.

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Shaun has learned to communicate with the wolves through sound, he also maintains his mutual respect with these wild animals by playing the role of an alpha. To no one’s surprise, the relationship can be wild even when the wolves are just being playful.  ‘They can really pull their punches. Some of the most serious injuries they have inflicted on me have been the internal ones from head butts and being rammed,” Shaun said. He still does necessary precautions when it comes to tending to the pack, being extra careful when it comes to feeding time particularly.

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“Although they don’t intend to harm me, one mistake could prove fatal. That’s when it is most scary,” Shaun said learning from his own experiences.

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