Rescued Cub Was Caked in Mud …See His Amazing Transformation


An adorable young fox cub had been spotted in a deep muddy hole with no chance of escape from an urban site near London’s Canary Wharf. The not-so-clean escapee was rescued after he was hauled from a building site caked in mud.

The hapless animal was completely covered in a thick layer of dried sludge from head to foot, definitely far from simply having a light covering of dust or muddy paws.

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The fox was then taken to South Essex Wildlife Hospital in Essex, where it received some water, food, and most importantly, a nice long bath.

The young fox has been named “Muddsey” by staff at the wildlife hospital, but it is not a pun or a tribute to the state in which he was found.

“It would certainly have had a pretty awful death if it hadn’t been found. It was very cold and in shock but is fine now. We felt very sorry for him because he was completely caked and was absolutely petrified. The builders were doing some ground work on the site, and there were a couple of holes left open. None of us knew how long he had been down that hole, it could have been all weekend,” Su Schwar, who runs the hospital said.

After being saved, Muddsey gets a good dunking in some warm water to wash off his thick extra coat of mud. He was back to his normal self at the wildlife hospital after a long scrub-down, some water, and food.

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