See How Rescued Dog Finds a Family and a New Lease on Life


Just like humans, animals can also suffer from disabilities, which hinder them from doing the things they are expected to do. Meet Daisy …and thanks to her loving human family, she was able to experience what it’s like to have legs and run.

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Daisy has had a tough start in her life. When she was still a puppy, an animal control officer spotted her wandering the streets by herself. She was then taken to be euthanized. Luckily, she was rescued and was moved to a temporary shelter. Shortly thereafter, she found a permanent home, where she has found love and acceptance from her new family.



Because her legs were deformed, Daisy had difficulties getting around. When she wants to move from one place to another, she has to hop like a bunny.

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 Daisy has an underbite as well, making her even more adorable. Her condition is characterized by the lower teeth and jaw protruding in front of the upper teeth.

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    Because her new family loves her so much, they want her to feel very comfortable and relaxed when getting around.

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At first, they got her a wheelchair. Daisy loved it because it helped her walk outside.



But later on, the family noticed that the wheelchair was causing her spine problems, so they sought other ways and finally decided to get her a pair of prosthetic legs.

Daisy appreciated the final option and readily fell in love with it. She loves it so much because now she can run much like other dogs do.

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Watch the video below to see how happy Daisy is with her new prosthetic limbs:


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