See How This Dog Was Given a Second Chance-Incredible Survival!

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Amid the chaos brought on by one of the worst natural disasters to ever hit Brazil, there rose a story of resilience starring a dog who miraculously survived the tragedy. While most animals in the area perished during the catastrophe, this mother dog walked a completely different path.


When a dam overseeing the local iron ore owned by the Brazilian mining company Samarco burst, the seemingly normal day in this small Brazilian city turned into a complete disaster area. It caused the whole area to be covered in mud, leaving a lot of people and animals fighting for their lives while trapped in dirt.


The collapse of the dam resulted in deadly mudslides, which took the lives of 17 people.



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The aftermath scene of the disaster showed no signs of the community’s existence. All buildings were destroyed. Nothing was left.

Hoping there might be some animals who got out alive, Idda Ouro Preto’s Animal Rights Defense Institute deployed a group of rescuers to look for survivors. After a short while, they came across the mother dog that had an inspiring story to tell.



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The pup was stuck in the mud, but she was given a second chance at life by the rescuers. The rescuers shared the canine’s story on Facebook, and it immediately caught people’s attention, garnering a lot of positive responses.


Many other dogs were given second lives, thanks to these rescuers’ efforts.



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