Shrek The Sheep Lived in Caves for 6 Years …You Won’t Believe What He Looked Like When Found



Shrek the Sheep: A loveable Southern Rogue banner

A sheep may just be a farm animal to many, but it’s actually smarter than we think it is.

These days, some people underestimate the sheep. While some think their primary purpose on this planet is to provide wool, others believe they’re just a source of meat. However, in reality, they are more than that.

For the past few years, one sheep story has been circulating on social media. And since then, this adorable creature has gained worldwide recognition. One day, he managed to escape his enclosure. And from that day on, nobody knew where he went.

When he was found again, people couldn’t believe what they saw. He was totally unrecognizable to those who knew him. This is because he was covered in about 60 pounds of wool.

The tale of this mischievous sheep has already inspired several causes, particularly those that are dedicated to kids. Although there are already plenty of tales of farm animals escaping their barns, none of them was as special and heartwarming as to this.

Shrek belongs to the family of sheep, the Merino Wether, that is known to produce one of the world’s finest and softest wool. He lived in a sheep station somewhere near Tarras, New Zealand

For six years, he hid in local caves. So, he was able to escape his fate of getting his wool sheared

When owner John Perriam saw his sheep again, he was completely surprised. He said that Shrek’s new appearance was more like some “biblical creature”

Two weeks after Shrek’s discovery, a professional was hired to sheer off the creature’s woolen fleece. The event, which took 20 minutes, was broadcast on national television



Overall, his fleece weighed about 60 pounds, which means it is enough to make suits for 20 guys

Shrek eventually became a national icon. In fact, he was brought to parliament to greet then Prime Minister Helen Clark

If Shrek wasn’t found, his fleece would have continued to grow. This is because, unlike other breeds, the Merino doesn’t naturally shed its fleece. It isn’t even raised for meat

Also, if he hadn’t been found, his thick wool would have posed a threat to his health. Its insulation would have increased heat stress and its weight would have affected his mobility.

After two years, Shrek celebrated his 10th birthday with another shearing. But this time, the event happened on an iceberg off the coast of Dunedin.



Shrek’s fleece was then auctioned off to support medical charities for children.

Though the reason that Shrek ran away and hid to the cave still remains unknown, everybody’s just happy that he was found and given adequate care.


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