The Fox Village is Probably the Cutest Place on Earth


TheApparently, Japan is filled with magical and irresistibly cute creatures. They even have animal sanctuaries dedicated to specific creatures alone, such as the bunny island, the cat island, and the very popular fox village.

Located in Japan’s Miyagi prefecture, the fox village, or the Zao Fox Village, is home to six different fox species. In this place, you can see foxes hundreds jumping and playing together in a battle for the visitor’s attention.

For 1000 yen, guests may give food to the foxes. But, because these foxes are not domesticated, caution must be practiced when feeding them.

Recently, Rachel and Jun, YouTubers, visited the magical land of these fluffy foxes. The photos below tell how happy they were with their experience:





Watch the whole fox village in detail and hear the squeaking noises of these animals:


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