This Gorilla Asks for Chance to Become a Mother …See How Her Wish Is Fulfilled!

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Animals are amazing. They are even more awe-inspiring when you see different species interact peacefully with one another. You’ve heard of humans having a close bond with their pets, but here are two different species that like each other. Koko the Gorilla is already famous for being able to communicate using sign language. Now for her forty-fourth birthday, she is given a chance to be a mother.

Maternal instinct: Koko is filmed signing 'cat' during the encounter. The gorilla's maternal and play instincts have apparently 'kicked in'

Koko was filmed when she met the kittens. She showed her maternal instincts immediately. She was very gentle with the kittens and did not harm them.

Communicating: This cradling motion is how Koko signifies the word baby, which she often signs, and carries her gorilla dolls the way gorilla mothers carry their babies

The cradling motion is how Koko signs the word baby. She often signs and carries her dolls the way a gorilla mother would carry her offspring.


Francine Patterson, Koko’s trainer, introduced her to her new babies—a litter of kittens. In the picture above, Koko is shown very gently scooping the gray kitten into her hands.


Koko gestured for one of the cats to be placed on her head, and she later signed that the kittens are her babies.


The video of the encounter was posted on YouTube, and according to the information provided, the kittens and the gorilla are now one family. The picture above shows Koko snuggling with the gray cat, which she was exceptionally attached to.


Koko was presented the cardboard box with the kittens at the Gorilla Foundation in Woodside, California.



According to her trainer, Koko can understand more than 1,000 signs of modified sign language. The photo above shows a staff member at the Gorilla Foundation helping the gray cat brush Koko’s fur during their meeting. Koko has now adopted the two kittens she met.


Koko is an amazing gorilla who can converse with humans because she learned a version of American Sign Language. Koko was exposed to the English language since she was small and can understand 2,000 words. She uses her skills to communicate the word baby because she has long wanted a child of her own. She pretends that her gorilla dolls can also sign back by moving their hands and arms.


This gray cat is snuggling up to Koko who has previously signed that she wanted babies.


The kittens are shown here wanting to get out of their animal carrier bag so that they could cuddle with the gorilla.

The Gorilla Foundation and Francine Patterson introduced Koko to the kittens for her birthday. The video of their introduction was posted on the Kokoflix YouTube account. In the video, you’ll see Koko gently lifting one of the cats from the box to give her a loving hug.

Despite the enormous difference in their size, the kittens are treated very carefully and lovingly. The two kittens, Ms. Gray and Ms. Black, have now become part of Koko’s family. Koko shows the world that two species can come together and help each other.

Watch the video below.