This Japanese Company Is Filled with Cats for the Benefit of Its Employees

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In small cities like Tokyo, it’s hard for animal lovers to own a pet because most apartments don’t allow pets inside its premises. To counter this, cat-friendly cafés opened all over the city where people can cuddle adorable kittens while sipping their drinks. But being with the furry animal in a limited time is not enough.

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So a Japanese internet solutions company, Ferray Corporation, decided to fill its workplace with lovable cats, nine in total – all rescued. And they all are free to roam within the office throughout the day. The idea is to let their employees interact with pets frequently.


We all know what happens to a place with cats running freely inside. It’s the same for the Ferray office. Cats would switch off computers, nibble on cables, tear up documents, scratch the walls, play on the keyboards, and sometimes sleep inside the employees’ or client’s bags or on meeting tables.

But despite all that, employees say that they don’t mind the cats creating havoc in their office. In fact, the cute animals are responsible for bringing them together. And the most important thing is, interaction with the adorable creatures lower the worker’s stress level.



Aside from the nine cats in the office, the company also encouraged the employees to bring their pets in the office as every day is Bring Your Pet to Work Day. The company even offers a “cat bonus” of 5,000 yen or $42 a month to each employee who is willing to adopt a cat.


But Ferray isn’t the only company in Tokyo with interesting pet policies. Another company, Mars Japan Limited, which engages in pet supplies, also pushes their employees to bring their pets to work. It also offers pet-related benefits such as time off with pet, condolence pay, and funeral cost in case the pet dies.


Actually, aside from skills and experience, Ferray prefers job applicants who love cats. So if you’re not an animal lover, that’s probably a minus to them.

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