This Man Had Reached the Last Straw …But His Dog Had Other Plans


When we are going through a very rough patch in our lives, sometimes we just want to give up. This is what was happening in Byron’s mind. He thought the pain would end if he took his own life. Fortunately, someone was there to save him from death—his dog Geo.

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After his relationship fell apart, a young man named Byron sunk into a deep state of depression. His thoughts began to sour, and he soon found himself contemplating suicide as he began to hit rock bottom. Eventually, Byron wrote a good-bye note to his family and made a noose after a day of binge-drinking.

But Geo made sure that Byron wasn’t going to succeed with his plan.


Everything was ready. But when Bryon went upstairs, he found Geo, a six-year-old rare Welsh bull mastiff, with the noose clenched inside its mouth. Byron tried to take the noose away from Geo, but his dog wouldn’t let go. Geo’s growl would only get louder, something that he rarely did, as Byron tugged harder and harder.


At first, Byron simply thought that Geo just wanted to play with him. However, his dog totally wrecked the noose, putting Byron’s suicidal plan to a halt. Now Byron admits that if it weren’t for Geo, he would’ve been dead by now.





But not all stories have a happy ending…




The pup was recently diagnosed with cancer. Vets found a tumor on the canine’s head and the cancer is spreading to his bones and muscles.


Byron is doing everything in his power to ensure that Geo gets to live out his last days to the fullest. To help pay for Geo’s medical treatment, Byron has set up an online fundraising to cover for the bills. Geo only has a little bit of time left, and Byron is slowly coming to terms with that fact.

Byron and Geo’s story has totally taken the Internet by storm

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Byron learned a valuable lesson on that fateful day. That life is very important.



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