Top 10 Ugliest Animals in the World …A Look Only a Mother Could Love!

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We are all witness to the scary and devastating power of Mother Nature as we all have suffered from natural calamities. But what we didn’t know is that she is also some kind of a mad scientist and has created animals that look ugly, weird, and plain odd.

You may have come across some of them, but for those who haven’t, we present to you our top ten ugliest animals of all time.


Aye-ayes are equipped with rodent-like teeth and a long, thin middle finger, which serves the same purpose as that of a woodpecker. These not-so-adorable animals are native to Madagascar.

Sphynx Cat

They are hairless, they are wrinkly, and they’re covered in skin. If you’re not into these kinds of things, the sphynx isn’t for you.


Though tarsiers are small, they have long feet and really large eyes. If that isn’t weird enough, they could also turn their heads to almost 360 degrees.


You can only find Almiqui in the Eastern mountains of Cuba, and they are insectivores.


Warthogs live in Africa, and their appearance is indeed quite unusual compared to other pigs.



Star-Nosed Mole

Found in Eastern Canada and the North-Eastern United States, star-nosed mole is a known smaller species for moles.


A sight to behold for sure! The blobfish live in the deep waters of Australia.

Angora Rabbit

During the 1700s, the Angora rabbit were often bred for their immense wool coats, and they were also popular pets among French royalty.



Naked Mole Rats

Rats have always been the scourge of American sewers, and the site of this rat will not change the perception.

There you have it, some of the ugliest animals here on earth. Do keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and there’s a whole lot of other animals out there we haven’t mentioned. They’re always ready for the Halloween, apparently.


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