The Most Unusual Cuddle Buddies


There is nothing better than coming home from a long day’s work and cuddling with your best buddy. For us humans, it is one of the best ways to show our affection. The act is also known to release hormones which reduce stress and anxiety.

Animals are also fond of cuddling. We have seen a lot of dogs having a cozy hug around the corner like they are the best buddies in the world, but we don’t often see these animals being too comfortable with other species.

You certainly can’t miss those precious moments when cats and rats cuddle or when dogs and monkeys share a good night sleep together that is why we gathered these rare opportunities for you below:

1. This bunny can be a good human pillow too

I wish I could sleep on a soft bunny like this.


2. Foxes also have soft spots

You never know when the fox's friendship will come in handy...


3. Worried about getting heat stroke? Cuddle with cold-blooded ones

"He's cold-blooded, so I never have to worry about overheating in the middle of the night."


4. Sisters from different mothers

They have no reason to believe they belong to different species.


5. Because this cat wants to take her sleeping experience into new heights

Just plop one more on top and you've got a purrfect, fluffy snowman.


6. Hedgehogs need a warm snuggle too

No one startle the hedgehog...that wouldn't end well for this sleepy kitty.


7. Some are definitely drawn to similar looks

They say some are drawn to those that look similar to themselves.


8. Her motherly instincts just kicked in

She'll never tell them they're not her babies.


9. “Please don’t leave me alone” – Cat

Everyone needs to be the little spoon once in a while.


10. Uh-oh! Love triangle here

"Uh, can someone change his diaper?"


11. Picture perfect

Well, at least <em>one</em> of them is cozy.


12. It’s not all about carrots for this rabbit

These guys make me wish it was nap time for me, too.


13. Snuggling with a dog is so much better than hanging on a tree

Monkeys need snuggles, too.


14. Dogs are the best animal pillow

"Jimmy, I said no farting while your butt is on my head!"


15. No racists allowed here

"You guys've got pigs all wrong. They're not dirty at all!"


16. Mother chicken is getting ready to hatch over a very comfortable base

Not sure if this particular egg is gonna hatch...


17. Ducks just want to be closer with dogs

It's good to make friends in various social circles...


18. The lovebird seems to lost his nest


19. Tigers are actually harmless… When they are sleeping

They're from different walks of life, but they still understand what's important: naps.


20. Here’s a proof that opposites attract

They're collectively dreaming of cheese.


21. This hodgepodge just won Ms. Congeniality award

This is just the biggest (read: best) napping hodgepodge I've ever seen.


22. Horseback riding you say?

A perfect symbiotic relationship:

Need more snuggling? Watch the video below:

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