Watch Deer Take Over This Japanese City’s Streets and Shock Tourists


Nara became Japan’s first permanent capital. It was named as the capital city of the Nara Prefecture. The city boasts historical views and solemn temples with a backdrop of Japanese architecture.

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Although it was stripped off its title as the nation’s capital by its neighbor Kyoto during the ancient times, tourists continue to flock to the city as it is regarded as the center for Buddhism in Japan. It is in Nara that you can find Todai-ji, the 49-foot-tall Buddhist temple complex where you can find the world’s largest bronze Buddha statue. The place is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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But it is the deer of Nara that sit at the city’s spotlight. Deer are regarded as sacred in the city and are considered messengers of the gods. These animals are also friendly toward tourists as they are not caged or enclosed. Park rangers allow tourists to feed them as long as the treats are purchased by accredited vendors.

Tourists were shocked to see them spilling out beyond the park’s enclosures though. Mojizuri, a Twitter user, recounted her experience of spotting the deer relaxing by roads and sidewalks.

“I’ve lived here for 10 years, and I’ve never seen them do this sort of thing before!” Mojizuri details in the tweet.

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But it looks like Mojizuri’s experience is normal. There is a YouTube video uploaded in 2013 taken in the exact location, showing the deer gathering around the streets. They seemed to be at par with their surroundings, not really minding the attention they have unintentionally set.




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The video was taken last July, the same month Mojizuri tweeted his own video. Although they reported on different times, YouTube user Blue Bells 9999 says that the deer enjoy the “coolness of the street.”


If anyone is worried about the safety and convenience of the pedestrians or motorists as well as that of the deer, then you put away your concerns. The environment seems to be symbiotic, where the people and the deer fully respect each other. A lot even go as far as cautioning passersby for the deer’s safety.



Watch these videos below.


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