Watch How Squirrels Outsmart Man In an ‘Obstacle Course’


Have you ever seen a bird feeder? Or do you happen to have one at home? If your answer is yes, you can relate to this story.

Normally, the food we prepare for our winged pals end up being devoured by a hungry squirrel, and even if you’ve done all possible ways just so they won’t reach it, they still find ways.

But then again, some homeowners exert extra efforts just to drive away those medium-sized rodents. One concrete example is this person. Instead of just hanging a feeder in a tree, he used a number of rotating, circular wooden obstacles with protruding edges and spikes to keep his bird feeder away from squirrels.

Despite all his efforts, he still wasn’t able to drive away the smart creature. From this, we conclude that a hungry squirrel is smart enough and quite agile to overcome any man-made obstacle.



Watch this squirrel do ninja-like moves to outsmart the homeowner:



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