10 Amazing Photos of Bears and Their Cubs



Bears maybe a threat to human life, but there is no denying that these species are also one of the cutest and the most adorable creatures ever lived.

So stop thinking about hunting these wild animals, or cuddling your teddy bears instead. Just pause for a moment and appreciate these creatures on their furry, heartwarming moments with their little ones.

Bears belong to the Ursidae family characterized with huge bodies, furry hair, short tails and nonrectractable claws. They live in caves and dens where they usually stay for around 100 days during winter. They are mostly found in the Northern and Southern part of America, Europe and Asia.

Bears were hunted during the earlier days because of their meat and fur. Through the years they became an important symbol in arts and other cultures and poaching endangered bears was later barred by international trade laws.

While some bears are dangerous, most of them are actually trying to avoid human. Just like human though, mother bears are protective to their cubs and would do anything to keep them from harm. But when there is no threat, they are definitely the charming furry creatures that ever walked on earth.

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