This Forest is Where 10 Million Bats Call Home ..This is Freaky!


There are about million of reasons Kasanka National Park is known as the bat forest. And these 10 million reasons are the 10 million bats living in the national park.

National Park

During daylight, the national park is eerily quiet. But as the sun sets in the dusk, the whole park will be filled with flapping and squawking noises. Take a quick glance up in the trees, and you’ll see thousands of little winged creatures moving about.


Bats will get back to the trees to sleep as the sun rises.

Filling the Skies

Filling the air with their predatory howls, thousands or millions of bats will spread out over the forest. The sight will last for an astonishing 30 minutes as the bats turn the skies black with their furry bodies.


Due to their sheer numbers, the total population of the bats in the area is impossible to count. It is estimated that around 8 to 10 or even 15 million bats are in the national park. During October to December, one can observe the highest concentration of bats in the forest.

Bat Forest

Being the home to millions of bats, the Kasanka Bat Forest is now considered one of the creepiest places on earth.


Taking Flight

As the sun goes down in the horizon, a few bats will take flight to form a small scouting parties. Then without warning, one by one, bats will begin to emerge from the trees.

Straw-Colored Bats

The biggest bats in Southern Africa are the straw-colored fruit bats. These bats have light brown fur, orange necks, and a huge wing span for their size, and they live in this forest.

Animal Park

Aside from the bats, there are also hippos, roan antelopes, jackals, crocodiles, and a small group of elephants that also call Kasanka National Park their home.

Fruit Vampires

Although these bats are scary to look at, people should not fear the Kasanka’s bats. These nocturnal flyers are giant fruit bats. They hunt for fruits such as mango and berries at night . . . and not blood.


It is the biggest mammal migration when the bats come to the forest every year. For months, the bats call one of the smallest national parks in Zambia home. But despite the national park’s small size, it features lakes, wetlands, forested areas, rivers, and meadows.



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