Airbnb’s First Underwater Room Allows Guests to Sleep with Sharks

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AirBnB is a good way to save money on accommodations when you travel, and a unique one may excite some marine biologists with wanderlust.

The first underwater AirBnB offers clients the chance to spend the night with 35 sharks in Paris. Not for the faint-hearted, the sharkbait bedroom at Aquarium de Paris is surrounded by a 360-degree transparent wall in a 3-million-liter tank of water, giving guests a full “shark experience.”

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The circular bedroom sleeps two and offers panoramic views of a 10-meter-deep tank and its 35 inhabitants, swimming around in water.

For those who would love such adrenaline-pumping adventure, good news: three lucky winners and their guests have been given the opportunity to stay in the room for a night, with a tank-side tour and a meal at the aquarium.


The experience intends to set the record straight regarding the feared and “misunderstood” creatures, as well as emphasizing the importance of their population to the marine ecosystem.


Shark environmentalist Fred Buyle, who also happens to be the host, will enlighten guests with facts about these fascinating creatures.


There are a few rules to be followed regarding the stay at the sharkbait bedroom: photography is banned after dark; no sleep-swimming is allowed; feet and hands are to be kept inside the bedroom at all times; and in case you can’t sleep, count sharks, because sheep can’t swim.

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