Alligator Decides to Go Shopping …And Panic Ensues!


It definitely was not a regular day in the mall.

A massive alligator wandered off to a shopping strip in Sugarland, Texas, prompting officials to respond to the distress call. One of the first to respond to the scene was professional alligator wrangler Christy Kroboth. The creature, named after the iconic Japanese monster Godzilla, weighed a staggering 360 kg and is estimated to be about 50 years old.



While she may have the skills of a seasoned expert, Kroboth, along with the police officers, struggled to finally tie the alligator’s jaws together.



Once safely tied up, the alligator had to be loaded to a forklift from a nearby The Home Depot. It was then transported safely by a pickup truck to the nearest alligator farm.

Godzilla now resides in an enclosed pond where he can live a life away from the busy urban area.



Watch the actual footage below.