Animal Couples Prove True Love Exists


They say true love is defined through a series of chemical reactions in the brain and can only be felt human beings. No matter what words Science uses to define this otherworldly emotion, one cannot help but see that the concept of “true love” does exist even in the Animal Kingdom.

In fact, several animal species like the penguins and the otters practice monogamy, the act of finding one mate for one lifetime. If this does not impress you enough, there had been recorded cases of these animals refusing to pair up with those of their species if their first mate dies. This rather heartwarming demonstration of true love does show that even in the wild recess of the Animal Kingdom, love is truly in the air.

Here are just some of the most concrete examples from our animal friends who might know more about love than us mere humans.

Lunch time never got this sweet.

Cute Mice Cuddling

There is always a time for a hug.


Alone at last.

Penguins Walk Hand In Hand

Kissy face!

Foxes In Love

Purrffect combination.

Kitty Love

Had a bad day?

Cute Squirrels Whispering Sweet Nothings

Cuddle time.

Care And Affection...



Just quick peck on the cheek.

Deer Couple

Feeling better?

Sweet Moment

Such a lazy day.

Lovely Pandas Couple

The King and the Queen.

Lovely Lions

That Awkward First Kiss

That Awkward First Kiss

Theb est place in the world is in your arms!

The Best Place In The World! In Your Arms :)

Snuggling in public never looked this adorable.

Hugging Polar Bears



Romeo and Juliet

Kissing Bunnies

The perfect answer to a sleepless night.

Rat Couple Sleeping

Cute couple.

Cute Couple

Feeling a bit catty.

Cats In Love

A perfect Valentine’s Day pose!

Foxy Love: A Happy Valentine

Ebony and Ivory

Bellatrix & Betelgeuse



Kissy face Part 2.

Pandas Kiss

Don’t feel bad.
Sharing Is Caring

Lamb of love.

Lamb Love

What a happy family.

♡ Family ♡

You can count on me.

Count On You

Believe it or not, we’re best friends.

Love One Another



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