Beautiful Tasmania Should Really Be on Your Must-Visit List …You Need to See This

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If you have never planned visiting Tasmania, you might be surprised to see the spectacular views it offers. From tall mountains to pristine white sand beaches as well as abundant wildlife, this country can be a considered a haven to many.

Wineglass Bay


The photo above is of Wineglass bay. It is known for its wine glass-shaped shoreline and crystal clear waters. The beach is often visited by dolphins and wallabies.

Bridestowe Lavender Fields

Every December to January, locals and visitors will have the chance to run through the fragrant lavender fields at Bridestowe Estate. This 260-acre land is filled with lavender fields, untainted forests, and landscaped gardens. For those who want to try something unique, there are samples of all types of lavender infused and inspired delicacies, such as lavender ice cream and lavender brownies, at the Woodcroft Café.

Tasmanian Devils

Apparently, the Tasmanian devil is not just a cartoon character created by Warner Bros. It is a tiny, hyena-like marsupial known for its haunting skills. As described by Tasmanian novelist Richard Flanagan, it creates a sound that is “like that of a woman being strangled”. If you want to get up close and personal to this animal, you can head to one of the sanctuaries in the country – Devils@Cradle.

Bay of Fires

Stretching more than 30 miles from the Binalong Bay to Eddystone Point, the Bay of Fires is one beautiful coastal paradise famed for its sugary sands and crystal clear waters.

Maria Island





If you are on Maria Island, you can see the Painted Cliffs of Hopground Beach. You can also go hiking around to see the historic ruins and majestic bays. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to see wildlife creatures like wallabies, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, pademelons, and wombats.

Fairy Penguins

Tasmania is home to the most adorable creature on the planet – the fairy penguins. Every night in Bicheno, these tiny penguins pop out of the waters and waddle ashore to their homes. Although there are tours that allow visitors to see them up close, it is strictly prohibited to disturb them.


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