Dad Lets His 14-Month-Old Daughter Play with 13 ft Burmese Python


When Uncle Montgomery Montgomery from Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events said that snakes are friendly creatures, you would assume he said so because he is a character in an absurdist fiction series.

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However, a man from Michigan is saying the same thing, and to prove a point, he filmed his 14-month-old daughter, Alyssa, playing with Nay-Nay, their family pet who also happens to be a 13-foot long Burmese python.

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This particular snake species (Python bivittatus) is one of the five largest snakes in the world, and some of them are known to reach up to 19 feet in length.

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Jamie Guarino, the man who owns the python and father of the baby was said to have shot the footage when his daughter is merely 14 months old, although he insisted that she is in no danger during the filming. Huarino said that he wanted to educate people about snakes, that everyone should be aware that they can also be loving pets despite their very bad reputation as dangerous reptiles.

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