Divers Film a Seahorse Giving Birth …This Rare Sight Will Amaze You!


For seahorses, it is the males that endure pregnancy. Females deposit the eggs to the males until they are ready to be brought out to the world. The actual birthing process is a rare sight to see. But diver Clayton and Megan, part of the conservation group Project Seahorse, were able to catch it on camera.

The two were diving off the coast of eastern Australia, researching on the lives of these solemn creatures. Needless to say, they got what they wanted by capturing a male seahorse giving birth in the wild.

They captured the event using a GoPro. In just a short period, the male seahorse was able to release numerous baby seahorses to the sea. The reproduction cycle for a seahorse differs than that of most animals. After “courtship”, a female produces the eggs so she can provide them to the male for fertilization. The fertilization process happens inside the male seahorse’s pouch. They produce quite the number too, delivering more than a thousand new seahorse babies (or fry, as they are called) to thrive in the ocean.

Though seahorses may be solemn creatures by nature, it doesn’t overshadow how fascinating they are to watch. The video will prove just why.


Here’s the video below.


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