Watch a Dolphin Get Giddy After Kissing a Dog


The only thing that separates humans from animals are opposable thumbs. Not their brains, because some animals are deemed to use more of their brain power and not their emotions—because creatures have feelings. If you don’t agree with that last statement, then take a look at the short video shared by One World One Ocean, where a dolphin was caught celebrating after it kissed a dog on a boat.

The videographer who caught the moment showed from his footage the playful dolphin moving closer to a boat so that it can kiss one of two dogs on board. The dog appeared unconcerned but did not make any motion to indicate that it disliked the dolphin’s advances.

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However, it was the dolphin’s reaction that can make hearts flutter—it was so elated by the chance to kiss the dog that it jumped for joy. At one point, it even seemed to have hit a seagull, but the apparent happy flipper managed to avoid impact and hit the water without causing any incident.

Dolphins have always been known to be intelligent. Scientists and researchers have long recognized that fact. Zoos and ocean parks are also aware of this fact and are banking on the dolphins’ playfulness to provide entertainment during their shows. Most of these animals are playful in nature and are not dangerous to humans at all, except orcas that, despite their name, are actually dolphins, not whales.

Orcas or killer whales can be trained to participate in show, but there are some instances when these creatures attack their trainers without provocation or warning. Dolphins, on the other hand, were observed to be very playful. They have been seen riding waves as if they were surfing, and sometimes, they play with whales.

Being social animals, they love being in groups. However, this can also be their downfall—their friendliness makes them easy to train in captivity. There are several species of dolphins, but the most recognizable ones—the bottlenose dolphins—are the ones seen most often in zoos and parks.

These creatures are also among the few animals that, as humans observed, have their own set complex language. Though they don’t speak as humans do, they have their own sets of clicks, whistles, and vocalizations to communicate with each other.

Scientists also discovered that these animals have their own signature whistles that make them easy to identify from the rest of their group. Amazing, aren’t they?

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