Family Discovers Deadly Snake Laying Eggs Under Their Fridge

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Imagine yourself opening your refrigerator early in the morning for some milk and hot dogs but you’re greeted by a wild snake instead.

It would be a good scene for an adventure-horror movie, enough to make you scream, but how would you feel if it happens to you in real life? This family from South Australia would surely know the answer as they found out that one of the world’s most venomous snakes was living under their fridge.

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The members saw the snake’s head poking out from beneath the refrigerator. They immediately called in Snake Catchers Adelaide to take care of the problem.


Rolly Burrell, a snake catcher, was the one who removed the reptile, which had a length of about one and a half meters,. Luckily, Burrell was there to take care of it because if he hadn’t, things would’ve ended differently.

snake6 snake1

Just a few days after being removed from the house, the snake gave birth to 14 eggs, which amazed Burrell because according to him, it’s not something you see every day. If he hadn’t removed the snake in time, in a matter of months, the family’s house could’ve seen a couple of baby eastern brown snakes crawling around their kitchen.

snake9 snake10

Burrell says that he will look after the reptile until she regains her strength so she can be released back to the wild. He adds that he’ll make sure the snake will be released somewhere far from humans so she won’t be a threat to anyone.

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