He Attached His GoPro to A Shark’s Fin – The Footage Captured is Unbelievable



Most of us don’t really want to be in contact with any type of shark. That is a universal truth nobody cannot deny.

Although there are plenty of stories and myths about these scary underwater creatures, there are only 16 shark attacks recorded in the United States every year. Nevertheless, there are still random videos shared online, where sharks try to attack professional divers, which are pretty terrifying and scary.

However, one cinematographer named Andy Casagrande doesn’t seem frightened after all. In a GoPro video, he is seen swimming right next to a hammerhead shark. And then, he straps a camera on the shark’s fin, giving us a high-quality footage.

Because of this stint, we are able to see a short glimpse of an average shark’s life. And whether you believe it or not, they seem to live a peaceful life as seen in the footage.

Apparently, the video came right on time of Disney Channel’s yearly week-long series about sharks.

Casagrande shared on Instagram, “Sharks are actually quite polite predators & their fearsome reputation is way over-hyped. They belong on this planet just as much as we do”.



Watch the GoPro footage of Casagrande swimming with a hammerhead shark below:



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