Two Gorillas Got into Intense Boxing Match in Front of Frightened Visitors

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A violent brawl fight between two fierce gorillas was caught on film at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. The visitors of the zoo were frightened as the behemoths battled it out with devastating blows and intimidating grunts.

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As seen in the video footage of Shannon W. Olsen, it started with a frenzied gorilla skipping down the hill looking for trouble. It calmed down until it saw another gorilla. A fight erupted between the two monstrous apes, screams of the visitors could be heard in the video as the gorillas proceeded with the fistfight.

After pummeling each other, the two hulks shared an epic stare down. Within a few seconds, the clash was resumed.  A final blow was struck by one of the gorillas before it ran away and concluded the fight.

Apparently, it was the same zoo where a giant gorilla silver back smashed the protective windows last year.

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