Guy Found a Great White Shark on the Shore. What He Did Next to Save Him Is Scary


Most humans are wary if not afraid of sharks. Why not? They’re responsible for a hundred of human deaths every year. They even starred in several movies doing exactly that. Just a sight of its pointed fin in the water is enough to make people freak out!

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So if you see a shark sunbathing near the shore, it’s understandable if beach goers go crazy and flee. However, for this courageous guy, he’d just probably be cool and calm about it. Yes, that’s exactly what he did in the video.

A great white shark was found stranded on the shore. Our guy here, instead of getting scared out of his wit, he maintained his composure and helped the poor shark go back to its safety into the ocean. He dragged the creature’s tail into the water until it’s deep enough for the animal to swim.

Although the man kept his distance from the shark’s mouth, for a while there, we thought the creature would make a shark attack move and bite a chunk. Because while the animal may look like it’s not in the mood for a breakfast, it was still a great white shark.

But that didn’t happen. Perhaps it’s time to change our perspective about the shark. What do you think?

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